HR Innovation



From compliance to organizational communication and development, HR innovation touches many aspects of modern team culture. President and Founder, Bree Luther is SHRM®-SCP certified, and has guided companies through organizational, leadership, workplace, strategic, and relationship change management initiatives.


What you will gain

  • Leadership and Navigation
  • Organizational Effectiveness and Development
  • Talent Acquisition and Retention
  • Employee Engagement
  • Consultation
  • Relationship Management
  • Communications
  • HR Strategy

How we can transform your business?

Bree Luther assisted in many critical areas related to HR and problem resolution. Bree has demonstrated excellent knowledge and skill in the performances of all task and job assignments. Her interpersonal skills are remarkably good as demonstrated by her ability to build teams along with a positive culture. Bree is a AAA positive member of the team.
— Don Snyder, SHRM, Senior Vice President, HR, OrgangeHook Inc.