Jennifer Eggerts

President | Ferez, Inc.

Director of Learning | Glass Guru.

Lifelong Learner Facilitates Organic Change

I received my BA in Sociology from USCD and my MA in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University.  My professional studies stemmed from my love for people, personal development, and systems thinking.  A few questions that has driven me both personally and professionally are:

How do I bring the best out myself/my client/my organization with the current resources and systems in place? 

How can I create positive, achievable, and systemic change - and make it a positive experience for all individuals involved?

Though, articulating my own corporate constitutions was developed later in my career, my passions provided opportunities to work as the Executive Director for Sylvan Learning Center, as a Franchise Business Consultant, and as the owner of Ferez, Inc (a career and business development company). I have worked with individuals, small businesses, as well as large organizations. I truly enjoy the client journey - from the initial steps of discovery through the change management. There is nothing more heart warming than watching a client step outside of their comfort zone and fly.