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At Inspired Science, LLC., our focus is on YOU. What is the future you are trying to create? As your trusted partner in coaching, HR innovation, and business strategy we deliver exceptional results. These are actualized through The Method which accesses pioneering methodologies and science discoveries that are successfully being incorporated today by thought leaders and businesses from various industries.

Integrity + Trust + Inspiration + Science = Positive Results

Apply leadership in all areas of your life, relationships, and work in the world today, with our personalized services.


Insight CoachingThis integral approach includes transformational, leadership and life coaching that focuses on elegantly listening, creating clear intentions and asking powerful questions. Through The Method your unique intelligence is guided to bridge the gaps and accomplish your goals

HR Innovation: A full-spectrum strategy to build or upgrade your HR services into all aspects of the business.

Business Strategy: Comprehensive solutions to unite stakeholder teams on company vision, mission and core values in the pursuit of innovation and alignment with business goals in service to deliver extraordinary and real time results.


“INsight Coaching touches into the field of unlimited possibility, bringing the elements of your visions and intentions to ‘light.’”  - Bree Luther


It’s one part management, one part, matchmaking, one part magic!


With years of experience as a trusted C-suite partner, entrepreneur, and visionary Bree Luther knows how to bring the perfect project team together.

What she has to say [TODAY]: 


Bree served as a fine tuned instrument, bridging challenging gaps in the corporate vertical. She brought out the positive developmental state of each member as she instilled optimism, hope and resilience throughout.
— Elvar Olafsson, CTO | LifeMed ID