Kristen Egger

Director of Global Marketing | OrangeHook

Entrepreneur at Heart is Part Artist, Part Scientist

I’m a marketing executive experienced in building marketing departments from the ground up for multiple organizations. I work with my clients to better understand and translate company and solution visions into clear, easily consumable strategies and see them through.

As the Director of Global Marketing at OrangeHook, Inc., I’m responsible for executing an efficient marketing, communications and public relations program that will enable the company to infiltrate the Global Marketplace and maximize the international presence of our solution suite. I manage marketing functions to achieve company objectives of sales, growth, profitability and visibility while ensuring a position consistent with the corporate direction. In addition, I oversee all marketing efforts for a portfolio of technology companies under OrangeHook, Inc., including LifeMed ID, Inc., Salamander Technologies, LLC. and others.

The secret to my inspiration is deep listening, collaboration and acting from my creative thought. The secret for my inspiration is movement, breath and interpersonal relationships.  

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Rachael Dardano

Owner & Founder | Internal Wisdom





Owner, Founder and Practitioner

Through my work I help individuals connect with their own truth; to develop a lifestyle of self-care programs designed to create optimal wellness specific to their needs. I utilize 20+ years of clinical background combined with 8 years of holistic wellness training to meet my client’s individual needs.

In 2010, Internal Wisdom was created to provide a safe space for people to drop their sh*t. Since then, we have expanded from a small colon-hydrotherapy center to a robust healing sanctuary that supports clients through diet, nutrition, cleanse and detox programs, stress management, emotional balance, and energetic guidance. Our mission is to provide a safe and playful environment to encourage your optimal wellness, naturally.

While I love working with individuals, I also enjoy bringing wellness to the corporate level, including companies like CalPERS, Intel, and Sol Flow Yoga. My educational history includes certifications from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and International School for Colon Hydrotherapy, as well as in Reiki II, Quantum Reflex Analysis, Hormone Health, and bio-energetic counseling from NES Health. I received my BSBA in Business Administration and worked for 20 years in clinical diagnostic and genetic testing.

My unique, direct, yet playful presence will allow you to feel seen, heard, and cared for.

My Passion – continuing to practice being present. I also love camping trips and playing with my three daughters, cooking creative and healthy foods, and learning more about health and wellness.


Jennifer Eggerts

President | Ferez, Inc.

Director of Learning | Glass Guru.

Lifelong Learner Facilitates Organic Change

I received my BA in Sociology from USCD and my MA in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University.  My professional studies stemmed from my love for people, personal development, and systems thinking.  A few questions that has driven me both personally and professionally are:

How do I bring the best out myself/my client/my organization with the current resources and systems in place? 

How can I create positive, achievable, and systemic change - and make it a positive experience for all individuals involved?

Though, articulating my own corporate constitutions was developed later in my career, my passions provided opportunities to work as the Executive Director for Sylvan Learning Center, as a Franchise Business Consultant, and as the owner of Ferez, Inc (a career and business development company). I have worked with individuals, small businesses, as well as large organizations. I truly enjoy the client journey - from the initial steps of discovery through the change management. There is nothing more heart warming than watching a client step outside of their comfort zone and fly.


Prasad Vepa

Self-Employed Speaker, Mentor & Coach


I am centered and informed by Vedanta, the ancient Indian non-dual wisdom tradition. I strive to live by this teaching and draw on it as I guide and coach others.

I am a speaker, mentor and informal coach. I help people clarify their understanding of themselves and the world around to achieve greater personal joy and fulfillment and organizational effectiveness. I have been living in the Bay Area since 1976 and in the U.S. since 1968.

My career spanned government, corporate and the education sectors. I worked for about three years in the Indian Government as a Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Indian Space Agency, (ISRO).

In the corporate arena I worked for over 30 years in high-tech (semiconductors, computers, networking and manufacturing). My experience cuts across most functional areas of business, such as marketing, communications, strategy, finance, operations and general management at various large companies in Texas and Silicon Valley. Developing leadership skills, a unified vision and strategy for the whole organization and enhancing the collaboration of teams are areas of my strength.

In the field of education, I spent 13 years as a Trustee of the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco (including many years as its Board Chair).

My academic training includes a Master’s Degree from M.I.T. in political science, specializing in communications and public policy, an M.B.A. from IIM, Ahmedabad, India and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from IIT Madras.

The approach I use in my work is to draw from the core teachings of Vedanta, reflected in the ancient Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita. Our actions as individuals -- in our personal and work lives -- spring from assumptions about ourselves and the world. I help people revisit their assumptions to re-frame themselves and reshape their paths for the larger, enduring good.


Dr. Ahmayo bohm ph.d

Visionary-Creator & Teacher | ART OF EDUCARE’™


A bit of background:

... During the mid 80’s and early 90’ I was Training coordinator for Dr. Stanislav Grof and Christian Grof. Those years were the birthing of the first United States HOLOTROPIC BREATHWORK™ training. My own work is often influenced by those years. But it was nature, quiet, the rhythms of wind, water and stars that drew me to the Sierra Foothills where all the elements are fully experienced . I am currently completing the book “FALLING INTO BALANCE: dying to live in Bali” which will be published in 2018.

... My work is dedicated to liberation and revealing life stories as art-forms.  Working individually with woman to “dive deep and surface“ new insights and strengths. Couples and groups are adventures that I enter with Sheelo, my husband and partner, to unlock the magic each person holds.

... My Ph.D is in Transpersonal Psychology , Woman’s Studies, Art and Nature.

... My way of thinking [my way of being] is profoundly based in the Eastern mystical traditions of Taoism and Tantric Hinduism. The place where I live and work is powered by the sun and nourished by waters from our well. This land informs everything I do as Teacher of THE ART Of EDUCARE’™.

... I look forward to working with the I.S.C Advisory Team to bring light and insight to those who are served by this new vision.



Client Success Director | Inspired Science Coaching

UX Content Strategist Champions Customers AND Employees

In my UX content consultancy, I help companies figure out the five W’s across all seven stages of the customer journey to optimize user experience and R.O.I. I’m a marketing and communications professional turned digital strategist who has worked in several industries including telecom and nonprofit.

In 2014, I launched my UX content consultancy, Contentment Communications. I consult with clients on web optimization projects and teach content strategy and user experience. My career highlights include developing and launching several national sweepstakes at Verizon Wireless, building support from scratch and developing the first content strategy, and conceptualizing and delivering the first content governance program and information architecture tagging strategy for In 2016, I began developing and teaching college courses on content strategy for the UX Design Program at U.C. Berkeley Extension.

My educational background includes advanced UX certifications from top research firms Nielsen Norman Group and Human Factors International, and B.A.s in journalism/public relations, and Spanish. My method is a synthesis of user research, metrics analysis, competitive benchmarks, and system and content audits, including UX content scorecards.

"The Secret To My Inspiration: Animals. I share my home with two dogs, two cats, and a family of doves who live on my patio. Wildlife abounds."