Balance of Power

How are your weekends shaping up these days? This past weekend I was up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, secluded on 40 acres up off the Yuba River taking the space to contemplate, recharge, reset and come into a sense of balance through intentionally and purposefully reading, writing, doing yoga, meditation and enjoying the silence, sounds and encounters nature offers on this land. A single focused clarity, sense of purpose and even excitement for the coming week arose. Grateful.

Reflecting on a "Balance of Power". What is it? And why do we want it? Can we all agree that great things never come from our comfort zones? What are you going after today? Does it feel sometimes that you’re chasing it or it’s chasing you? With the biggest predator perhaps being your own mind? Neuroscience is bringing us all kinds of data that support we have thousands of thoughts in a given day – that’s a lot of ownership and power we have right within us.

What questions are you asking yourself and others?

As I’ve been strengthening the "Observer" as cited in the book, "Change Your Questions, Change Your Mind" by Marilee Adams Ph.D., it appears conclusively possible to operate from a place of balance rather than chasing after or being thrown by what I commonly refer to as "The Daily Hurricane".

From this Balance of Power, we can Respond rather than React - yes?

A key factor is being able to practice distancing ourselves from the autopilot responses to stimulus around us thereby harnessing "e-motions" directly aligned with what we DO want. By creating a pause, we are able to be at conscious choice and action. Basically, managing and redirecting our own trigger points from a place of power and intention - aligned with our life goals. I’ve noticed through increased practice of this awareness a new sense of confidence and momentum shows up.

You already know this to be true. Take a look back at a time when you were in the flow with the proverbial "zone". What were the qualities that were present at that time? How did you feel? What was possible? What did you achieve? Where is your Balance of Power now?

When things are challenging, and you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders science supports that’s the exact pressure and conditions for a breakthrough.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, "Self trust is the first secret to success."

Watch your thoughts. Be curious. Ask more elegant questions in the face of challenges. What am I assuming about what’s impossible – or what is possible? What is the highest and best use of my time right now?

As researched in the article "What’s your Relationship to Setbacks" - setbacks can and more than likely are simply "checks" in progress on your way to realizing the very life you are seeking.

It’s all right in each moment in the life you already have – till the soil so to speak – your life is your garden – how have you been tending it? Inside and outside?'

I believe in you and know your challenges are the very training ground that is training you up for your next level of leadership and fulfillment.

The question is where is your Balance of Power? Reclaim it. And what Future are you EnVisioning? Give yourself the luxury to create the space in your life to listen elegantly and strengthen these things.

Go for it…you’ve got this!