Dr. Ahmayo bohm ph.d

Visionary-Creator & Teacher | ART OF EDUCARE’™


A bit of background:

... During the mid 80’s and early 90’ I was Training coordinator for Dr. Stanislav Grof and Christian Grof. Those years were the birthing of the first United States HOLOTROPIC BREATHWORK™ training. My own work is often influenced by those years. But it was nature, quiet, the rhythms of wind, water and stars that drew me to the Sierra Foothills where all the elements are fully experienced . I am currently completing the book “FALLING INTO BALANCE: dying to live in Bali” which will be published in 2018.

... My work is dedicated to liberation and revealing life stories as art-forms.  Working individually with woman to “dive deep and surface“ new insights and strengths. Couples and groups are adventures that I enter with Sheelo, my husband and partner, to unlock the magic each person holds.

... My Ph.D is in Transpersonal Psychology , Woman’s Studies, Art and Nature.

... My way of thinking [my way of being] is profoundly based in the Eastern mystical traditions of Taoism and Tantric Hinduism. The place where I live and work is powered by the sun and nourished by waters from our well. This land informs everything I do as Teacher of THE ART Of EDUCARE’™.

... I look forward to working with the I.S.C Advisory Team to bring light and insight to those who are served by this new vision.